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You might not like what we have to say, but we’re going to say it anyway because that’s what family does.

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Our Design Pattern

We don’t do mediocre, second-rate, junk web work. Not even if you pay us. If you want your site to be anything less than amazing, call somebody else.

Crappy Websites Stink

We work for clients who don’t settle for second best. Clients who 're tired of making excuses about their crappy website and are ready for an online image as impressive as their work. Clients who fire people who say they’ll deliver but don’t. (Yeah, because they should.), and also for clients who would rather pay for their website once and have it done right the first time (or maybe they learned their lesson the hard way).

We start with a creative meeting, move to design, then build and program your website. After a final walkthrough, your website is launched. You make decisions every step of the way, so we can keep moving forward to an end product that makes you proud.

What We Do

E-Commerce Solution

We set up ecommerce store, protect you legally, get your finances in order, and train you to market and sell your products online.

Social Network Site

We create private social network accessibly only to people in your organization which allow users to Sign Up only if they've a companies E-mail address

Corporate/Bus. Site

We create online presence that provide information to the public about your company. Give us a chance to set up a unique website for you.

Online Music Site

Get noticed and succeed in the music industry through online presence by attractiing potential record labels and concert promoters.

Personal/Blog Site

Do you have a skill? People want to have an instant, visual representation of who you are. And we can help you shine your Personality and Brand.

Bulk SMS Solutions

We Can Help You Set Up A BulkSMS Website With Free Training To Run The Business. Easy To Use User Portal.

Our Creative Process

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We get to know your business/Organization.

Our initial consultation gives us an opportunity to get to know your business well and expectations from your project. We’ll discuss your target market, the purpose and budget of your website design and how it will function to reach your project goals. At the end of this meeting you’ll decide if you’d like a proposal or bid.



decision is yours.

After you have had a chance to go over the bid or proposal and all of your questions are answered, we will ask you to make a decision as to whether or not Kellyxglobal Web Solutions, is the right fit to design a website for your company or organization. Either way, you will receive that energetic thumbs-up.



Creativity is ours

We kick off your project with a creative meeting and task calendar outlining in detail the steps we’ll take you through, when items are due and who’s responsible. We then begin with your website design. We will ask that you be as critical and honest with us about all of your likes and dislikes, because this way, we can ensure that you receive the quality website your company or organization deserves.



Adding the content.

Upon approval of the template designed for your business/organization we will begin placing content in the individual web page designs. You must have your text for the pages and any graphics or pictures for the site ready at this time in final digital form unless we’re providing content development service.



Building and Coding.

At this point all design decisions have been finalized and the ball is in our court. We build the site and contact you if we need clarification or final approval on functionality. We’ll send you a link so you can watch your site grow in our development space.



Finalizing the project

We will look over everything and make any final changes. At this point, only small tasks or corrections should need to be made.



You’ve got a website!

If everything looks good, we will make your site live and YOU’VE GOT A WEBSITE!



Call for back up dancers when needed.

For 30 days we offer website support. After that time frame you can contact us when you need updates or choose to have a more comprehensive maintenance agreement.

Who We Are

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